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Late 19th and very early 20th century official US Navy insignia can be found on the above 3 lead crystal decanters.

The top two show the 1894 Eagle clutching the fouled anchor with the initials USN engraved on the rear.

The middle two photos illustrate the early 1905 Department of Navy Seal incorporating the Eagle clutching the Fouled Anchor and initials USN.

The last two photos show another early 1905 decanter illustrating the Fouled Anchor by itself along with the intitials USN.

These enamelware plates, bowls, cups and other antique naval dinnerware can be purchased by Clicking Here.

Note that the Eagle Clutching Anchor insignia on the above crystal decanter is the exact same as seen on the demitasse cup at the top of the page.

The photo to the left is of a US Navy enlisted porcelain covered tin metal plate (enamelware) ca 1880's to early 1900's and the photo to the right is a matching enamelware bowl or cup.

There is also a matching enamelware cup similar in size to the bowl, but the cup has a metal holding tab with a hole in it and soldered onto the lip.

Please excuse both syntax and grammar as this page is also designed for the Search Engines Prior to the late 19th Century there appears to be only miminal consistency and limited selections to the type of Navy Dinnerware and Navy Tableware used by both enlisted and officer alike.It is believed that this was the type of plate along with similarly produced and marked cups and bowls were used by both enlisted crewmen and perhaps junior officers.Quite possibly this type of enamelware was even used by enlisted sailors well into the early 20th century during the voyage of the Great White Fleet and maybe during WWI.We did not necessarilly pay much attention to some of the finer or more refined aspects of what our sailors ate from.We have to keep in mind that in the 1860 to 1890's the United States was either in a Civil War or in a major reconstruction and consolidation effort.

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