Xbox marketplace not updating

For those legacy bundles that are not currently available on Xbox One, this can be due to a number of reasons, including expired content within a given bundle or expiration of limited time offers.

We continue to establish entitlements for owners of those packs to the available singles on Xbox One – thanks for your patience!

A: Membership on Xbox One will not recur, but you can make multiple Membership purchases to stack time. Q: What’s the difference between buying the Ultimate Edition versus becoming a Member?

A: The Ultimate Edition will give you all powers, fourteen episodes, and many other features permanently on your account.

Membership is not required to gain achievements on Xbox. You also get access to the Premium Queue instead of the Free Queue on login. Q: What is Membership in DCUO and what does it include?

Q: Are players I have blocked on Xbox One also blocked in DCUO? A: We may be waiting for you to choose your reward! A: Usually, this can be fixed by logging out of the game and back in again. Q: Once I have Premium Access, how long does it last? A: Membership adds to / enhances your in-game experience in DCUO, with monthly grants and access to content and features.

If there are questions you have not answered here, please ask them on the forums or tweet to us at @DCUO. Q : Will there be crossplay on Xbox One with PC/PSN? The Xbox One community will be on their own separate servers; we do not have crossplay with PC/PSN. This may not always be possible, but this is the overall goal.

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We have a temporary workaround while we continue to work on a solution to this issue.I have checked my bills and the money has been paid to Microsoft.It has been one day since this purchase but my FIFA points still not showing up in the game (after enterting FIFA 16 with EA Acesss), neither they are showing up in the web app. By the way: i have checked on FIFA 15 aswell, and no points on there aswell (i am sure i bought points for FIFA 16 annyway).Membership grants you access to everything that’s in the Ultimate Edition and more, plus additional perks like replay badges.The content and perks that are accessible with Membership are only available while you are a Member.

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