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Says Benjamin, sighing heavily: "At this age, the driver is just different, and I think for every artist, you’ve got to find out what’s pushing you. I didn’t grow up as a kid saying, ‘Man, I want to grow up to be a music star.’ "Music Biopic Stars: Who Looks Like the Real Deal?

Benjamin’s earliest performance was as an actor, at Atlanta’s Sutton Middle School.

When Benjamin and Big Boi were both 17, Reid signed Outkast to La Face Records, where he was co-founder."André was at a video shoot," recalls Reid with a laugh, "and an executive at my company called me and said, ‘André’s here, and he’s got on a blond wig, and he’s got on knickers and socks and a Nehru jacket, and I don’t know what he’s doing.’ And I remember calling André and saying, ‘Whatever you did at that video shoot, don’t stop doing it!

’ He was evolving as a fashionista, an artiste, a rapper and just getting greater and greater.", a double-disc set released in 2003, was their commercial triumph, spawning "Hey Ya!

"People spend their whole night taking pictures of you, and you’re sitting there in your cage, with your banana." And after 14 years, the famously disciplined Benjamin even gave up veganism because it became "straight boredom."And while he spent way too much time on e Bay, "buying stupid stuff, like old tennis rackets or jai alai [baskets]," he never did get into social media.

I asked him if he wished he had more of a voice when events like the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., dominate the news.

The seventh-grade drama club, the Ritz Players, cast him as Avery in Charlotte’s Web.

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I think you can go beyond your magic window and still be the greatest instrumentalist and greatest artist, but anything outside that magic window is just not resonating the same."So what has Benjamin been up to these last seven years, besides watching documentaries and giving himself plenty of time to think? Going out in Atlanta, where he lives, "just feels weird," says Benjamin.

"Honestly, I don’t have a big urge to voice [my feelings]," he says. Like when the whole Ferguson thing went down, we were actually in England, and buddies were telling me about it, like, ‘Aw, man, it’s horrible here.’ But I didn’t feel it; I only heard about it. ’ "Since Outkast’s last album, , came out in 2006, Benjamin has dedicated himself to caring for his 16-year-old son, Seven, whose mother is the R&B singer Erykah Badu.

(Benjamin and Badu dated for about three years and broke up in 1998, when Seven was still a toddler.) 2014 Billboard Covers Meanwhile, his reputation as a rapper has continued to grow, stoked by his high-intensity features for other artists.

Her 11-track mixtape plays with phone verbiage, including a remix of the insanely popular “Hotline Bling.” The project in its entirety is available for stream and download via i Tunes now, and other providers on December 4.

At least until December 4 fans can expect to continue to be bombarded by everything Erykah, and honestly, we can't get enough of her out of this world style.

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