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Dressed in EMI’s classic battleship gray, the aluminum bodied mic measures 10.75” from stem to stern with a 2.2” diameter. The mic comes in a kit with a specially made Pelican-style case and rigid cut foam.

According to Chandler’s Adam Fiori, it was important to have a case that could withstand air travel, including being a checked item.

The mic has a dedicated head amp/preamp that’s based on the classic REDD.47 pre and is actually built into the mic and its power supply.

It also offers distinct tone shaping options which turns it into two mics in one. Because this design is patent pending, Chandler Limited is not releasing specs, graphs or component-level details at this time.

It adds a bit more bite, hair, and a euphonic edge to the signal.

Note this is not an overdrive or distortion; it’s more subtle and harmonic in nature.

Recording Magazine January 2017 For over a decade Wade Goeke and Chandler Limited have been resurrecting and expanding on the classic gear designs found within the hallowed walls of EMI’s Abbey Road studios...

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The REDD mic is handmade in Shell Rock with almost entirely American-sourced parts, many of which are fabricated in Iowa.

The mic, power supply, felt-lined shock mount, screwdriver (see below), 7-pin Mogami mic cable, and AC cable all fit snug and secure inside.

Behind its chrome-plated brass head basket, the capsule assembly glows a gentle red via an internal LED.

This idea is similar to lighted capsules by companies such as Korby, Cathedral Pipes, and Heil Sound.

It is bright enough to see the capsule silhouette , but not so bright as to be blinding or annoying, and it lets you know that the mic is on and functioning.

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