Natalie dormer dating

Natalie Dormer is an English actress is best known for The Tudors and HBO series Game of Thrones.

She was born on 11th of February 1982 in Berkshire.

She has two siblings named Samantha Dormer and Mark Dormer.

Natalie joined Chiltern Edge Secondary School and later completed education from Reading Blue Coat School.

Surely she would've brought a date, someone, anyone to an event over the years? Bradley James, Joe Dempsie, Colin Morgan, Anthony Head, Eoin Macken, miscellaneous crew.... LINK•“I thought there is no way that I will up doing a job with Jonny,” says Mc Grath.

I've heard stories she likes to party a fair bit and has been caught at times wearing her Morgana costume from Merlin in clubs, but still nothing regarding a potential mate. The Leading Lady twitter said she won't be able to make the premiere on Nov 13th. “Even though we’ve been mates since The Tudors, that seemed like too weird a move on.” Yet the Lucy character — described as having a penchant for gossip, flirting and glamour — is perfect for her.

Now she is the star of The Forest, a psychological thriller released next month.

The show, which starred Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII, was renowned for its nude scenes.Since '11 she hasn't done many red carpets. I wish we'd know, just to satisfy my curiosity. I don't think she'd ditch her own premiere so it must be a new job keeping her away. Most celebs jet off set for a day or two just to attend a premiere. I kind of think Katie doesn't like red carpets. Even the rumours of a past romance with Meyers — and Colin Morgan, her co-star on Merlin — is accompanied by a beaming smile. I mean she's even wearing a red plaid shirt/dress which is a replica of his. I feel like gouging out my eyes with searing hot pokers. Your so much more nicer than I, because I almost felt like projectile vomiting when I watched it.I always get a kick when fans said Katie was dating him. Or at the very least bi, when he's making comments like these "Tell me how do I make this man my husband? Bradley James, Joe Dempsie, Colin Morgan, Anthony Head, Eoin Macken, miscellaneous crew.... The Dracula casting director, however, didn’t initially see Mc Grath’s potential. As far as recently, I don't think her and Morgan are mates anymore. Them dress rehearsing playing house kind of makes me sick. She's deserves to be happy.I get the feeling IF they're indeed a couple it's a rebound romance. granted she's less known then some other actresses, but spent 5 years of BBC's Merlin and has a part in Jurassic World.I do find it head scratching that we know absolutely nothing about her love life.

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