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How do we discern a "scathing commentary" from something that's just sexist?

Diaz said he wrote the book, in part, to acknowledge the deep sexism that pervades our culture but frequently remains unaddressed.

As a one-star Good Reads review of the book, written by a woman, explained:"I recognize the literary abilities of Junot Diaz.

The book is well-written; the language hypnotic in fact.

"Rarely do I get dudes who want to talk gender," Diaz told me.

"That's the strange thing about privilege.") How can a book's portrayal of women be praised and criticized at the same time?

At the same time, he spends little space engaging with the emotional lives of female characters—their motivations, complications, and desires; their reasons for entering and leaving relationships; the psychological effects of his wounding betrayals.

The book is filled with similar descriptions; Yunior lavishes time on chronicles of body parts and erotic hydraulics.Diaz has walked this line before: In Drown, his 1996 debut short-story collection, and in 2007's Pulitzer Prize-winning The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.He told me that sometimes people—usually women—lambaste him at his readings and public appearances.That's what makes This Is How You Lose Her such a brave and risky book.How can an author write so convincingly from the perspective of a machismo cad and still write a book that is not itself sexist?

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