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In contrast to the neighboring Cheyenne and Arapaho to the north, the Comanche never developed a political idea of forming a nation or tribe.

The Comanche recognized each other as Nʉmʉnʉ and bands seldom fought against each other; but the Kwaarʉ Nʉʉ pursued policies against the Spanish and Indian settlements in New Mexico independently of the Kʉhtsʉtʉhka.

The Comanche also had access to vast numbers of feral horses, which numbered approximately 2,000,000 in and around Comancheria, and which the tribe was particularly skilled at breaking to saddle.

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the Comanche lifestyle required about one horse per person (though warriors each possessed many more).

They were formidable opponents who developed strategies for using traditional weapons for fighting on horseback. Comanche raids into Mexico traditionally took place during the full moon, when the Comanche could see to ride at night.From Natchitoches in Spanish Louisiana, Athanase de Mézières reported in 1770 that the Comanches were "so skilful in horsemanship that they have no equal, so daring that they never ask for or grant truces, and in possession of such a territory that...they only just fall short of possessing all of the conveniences of the earth, and have no need to covet the trade pursued by the rest of the Indians." Their original migration took them to the southern Great Plains, into a sweep of territory extending from the Arkansas River to central Texas.A typical band might number about one hundred people. Before the 1750s, there were three Comanche divisions: Yamparikas, Jupes, and Kotsotekas.In the 1750s and 1760s, a number of Kotsoteka bands split off and moved to the southeast.

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