Nude forties

Leah didn't know what to expect but she trusted him, whatever he wanted her to do she was determined to do it.He pulled a pillow off the bed and knelt on it as he pushed her legs up high opening her pussy wide." "Absolutely not," he said as he stood holding her tightly against his body.

" She took deep breath and said, "Because there is so much sexual tension in the air you can cut it with a dull knife. And mom, she hasn't had sex since dad died, that's been 4 years Davey ... "So tonight with mom telling us all that stuff and seeing your big gnarly cock dripping and throbbing, then watching Mom jack you off. Do you know how long I've dreamed about you kissing me, touching me all over, making love to me? David's face was a mask of surprise, "I had no idea you felt that way.All I could think about when she was jacking me off was how her pussy would feel wrapped around my cock and what she would taste like ..." He leaned back and his fully hard cock throbbed in the air.Then he said, "Look at that, I think about fucking Mom and I'm hard as a rock ...Finally, she pulled at his head, forcing him up and then down as she kissed his face repeatedly."Oh Davey that was absolutely wonderful, it's so much better than firgging off ... " "We're not done baby sister, there's a lot more ..." just as he stopped talking she locked him in a powerful embrace, "Oh I do love you Davey! He kissed her very gently on the lips and said quietly, "Do you want to stop honey? " "You bet little girl, come here," with that he repositioned them both to the middle of the bed with her securely nestled in his arms.

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